To Do


To Do is essentially a love note to Austrian artist Erwin Wurm.  Directed by Susan Locht, the short film was particularly inspired by Wurm’s “amazing and hilarious ‘one-minute’ sculptures that feature live humans interacting with everyday objects in bizarre and delightful ways.”

The movement was choreographed by Wynn Holmes, also the star of the film, and is about “embodying” a busy morning routine, in the most literal sense. Borrowing from a theme prevalent in Wurm’s work, To Do is a humorous dissection of daily life.  The film explores the act of “getting dressed” over the course of what could be a half hour, or a full day, with an emphasis on the physicality of each task and the interweaving of oddities and absurdities.

The idea for this short piece was born out of a hot and sweaty dance class- a weekly session of Lo Fi Dance theory taught by the talented Holmes.  With years of experience choreographing and training pop stars, traditional dancers, and commercial talent, Holmes has developed her own technique that meshes movement, strength training, and dance.

On that particular Sunday, fashion photographer Greg Swales was also signed up for Holme’s Sunday class, and upon overhearing Locht and Holmes chatting about the possible collaboration, he signed himself and Lavoisier Clemente (his partner in life and sometimes art) onto the project.  Holmes reached out to her longtime friend and colleague Rararacquiao to master the sound, and the team was complete.

STARRING Wynn Holmes

DIRECTOR Susan Locht



SOUNDTRACK Rararacquiao


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