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-We recently saw the documentary about Madonna's dancers from the iconic Blonde Ambition Tour, "Strike a Pose". It's amazing to see how close she was to the dancers and how close they were to each other and what they are doing now.. was it similar to you with Kylie and other dancers on tour? Do you keep in touch with everyone? Did you guys hang with Kylie a lot?
+Jason: Being on tour is such a crazy/amazing experience. You feel as if you're in this sort of bubble. You're together 24/7 for sometimes almost a year on end and then some. You definitely become a family of ALL sorts. I've made some of my dearest closest friendships on tour that I still speak to every day. We had a blast!!!! I remember in Italy we went to a party that Dolce and Gabbana threw for us. They had designed a majority of Kylies costumes for the Aphrodite tour. The party was everything you could imagine and more. We all definitely took advantage of going out in each city and exploring. On Aphrodite I think we did about 70+ dates over the course of six months which hit 25+ countries. I N S A N E!! For the most part out of all of the tours and promotional tours that I did for Kylie was pretty much the same team so each time we re-joined working together it's like a homecoming.
-IP: You were living in London, modeling, dancing, and teaching until you started in LOVE. How has the transition to Las Vegas been?  How did you meet Ivan Avila the photographer on this shoot?
+Jason: I mean let's be real London to Vegas is cultureshock.com I had been living in London just shy of nine years. Rainy, gray, culture, fashion to dry, sun, HOT AS FUCK! I never in 1 million years thought that I would be living in Las Vegas. With that being said I have grown to love it for what it is. I bought a house which was very exciting to finally at the young age of 35 feel I had planted roots somewhere. The cost of living here in comparison to London is insane. So I'm definitely not mad at that LOL. 
I had been wanting to work for Cirque du Soleil since I was in my late teens. When the opportunity arose I thought if I don't do it now it most likely will never happen. I don't think anyone could have properly prepared me for what it all entails. I consider all of the Cirque du Soleil performers athletes. To go from being on tour traveling to different cities every few days and doing about 70 shows over the course of six months to now doing 10 shows a week, two shows per night, and 400+ shows per year. It takes immense strength physically and mentally. I feel very fortunate to still be able to do what I love for a living.
-IP:  Did you know Ivan before this shoot? 
+Jason: I actually meant Ivan Avila through a website called Model Mayhem. It's kind of a social media site for models and photographers to interact. He contacted me and asked to shoot and I had a look at his work and thought it was great. We then met up for a shoot and have done 10+ shoot since. I think he has a really great eye for capturing the best of his models as well as a great aesthetic and fashion sense. I feel like i'm hanging out with a friend when we're shooting and we both get really excited about the process, bouncing ideas off one another. I see a very long promising career for him. 
-IP: What is up next for you? 
+Jason:  In June I will be 36 years old which in dance years is 150. Lol. I would like to continue dancing as long as my body still physically lets me. I have a few projects that I'm working on that you will hear about in the very near future...

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